June 24, 2024

This week we are going around the world of online marketing, which I am very familiar with as it is my part-time job. I do this by enhancing April’s Aquarium’s internet presence or boosting social media for local MLAs using analytics tools like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Analytics are not just numbers; they’re actually a guide to understanding your audience or anyone who visits your website or social media. Knowing how to use them effectively is crucial for online success. This is such a vast topic and very complicated, with a lot of people swearing by different things. You can use these tools to keep track of visitor numbers, follower counts, or likes and shares, depending on your goals. Although collecting this data is important and can be interesting, you also need to track changes over time for meaningful insights.

These insights can influence your marketing strategies as well. At my work, we have decided to refer each other to social media as well as YouTube and Instagram videos in order to get people across platforms to visit the website. Also, our posts made during the morning gain higher engagement for us, so that information sets when we decide to post our content.

So, analytics are vital for any sort of digital marketing and social media. They are helping everything, from small aquarium companies to political campaigns, hit their goals.

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