June 24, 2024

This week in class, we looked at just how powerful digital media can be. It’s opened up dialogues, democratized voices, and given anyone with a phone new found abilities to communication across the globe. This has resulted in voices and perspectives than ever.

With this however we talked about how “False news”, echo chambers, and digital bullying have become rampant and common place. So common that most of us participate in it without even realizing. As someone who gets most of their “news” from social media, I find it reliable and authentic (without an agenda) when I find the right reporters and independent journalists. Others that may not look into their sources and follow sensational news, I worry about misinformation.

This leads me to one of the most important things I believe since starting my upper division communication courses at SFU, Digital literacy. I took a few classes on this subject and being able to critique what we read online and ensure basic knowledge of the internet is crucial to those younger, older generation and even those who didn’t grow up around devices and might not full grasp the intricacies.

Videos that are fact checked or peer-reviewed can be the best possible way to fight this seem at first to be the most effective way. But in reality when it is controlled who is “right” can change based on who sets policies and is in control. This is why I believe if we want democracy and true “freedom” everything and anything should be allowed to be posted (as long as it doesn’t incite violence).

The Canadian government however under the Trudeau Liberals seem to be going down a different path of criminalizing what is said on the internet and restricting news/social media that may not “align” with what they deem is correct or good information. Scary stuff

1 thought on “Process Post Week 7

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