June 24, 2024

This week, I thought about what influences my reading experience. Not only with the text itself but with some aesthetic designs to it as well, the format, photos, etc. It all plays a huge role in the overall experience of the website. With that in mind and with the guest speaker, MauvĂ© Page, I was able to change up the photo and icons of my page and give it a more unique feel.

I also looked at and considered the way the words were arranged on my page. A clean, easy-to-read layout can make it so much more enjoyable, so I’ve scrapped the idea of using fancier fonts or ones that may quickly go out of style. Design-wise, I’m always thinking about more than just looking pretty. Good design helps anyone understand and interact better with the text (especially keeping accessibility in mind).

There are so many different variables to consider when changing the blog, as even minor changes can shape a user’s overall experience with the website. Changes in colour or format can make someone feel certain ways about the website without them even reading anything. Format on other platforms, like a phone or TV, is also something that I didn’t consider.

Now, when I look into websites or designs in general, I am keeping an eye out for what they are doing right or wrong and how I may want to implement some of those things.

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