June 24, 2024

Visually I’m not sure what my website will look like exactly as I think it is a process to be in constant growth, change and where each component will live.

I imagine the landing page of the site introduces visitors to what I’m all about. It has a crisp, inviting banner image related to one of my passions like the outdoors or marine life (probably a shrimp), with an eye-catching header and the latest posts.

Right at the top, there’s an easy to read and navigate menu bar. It’s divided into different sections, like ‘About me,’ ‘Blog,’ ‘Process posts,’ ‘Assignments,’ and maybe some other pages if I decide to add them. This allows visitors to head directly to what interests them right away.

‘My blog posts’ will detail my course experiences, process, learnings, discussions, and anything more.

I’m also considering a side panel for latest posts and popular external reads from me. I’ve also considered a footer section with link icons to all my active social media accounts and contact information (although thus far I have decided against including my name and information for privacy reasons)

My biggest consideration is either connecting my LinkedIn for professional networking and possibly my personal and professional social media content.

There is a lot I want to add but also want to keep the overall theme and feel simple and not overly complex and overwhelming.

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