June 24, 2024

This week, we are looking at transmedia integration. I wasn’t planning for any kind of cross-platform work, but it seems that, like last week, through Google Analytics, I was able to see that I was driving organic traffic from my TikTok and YouTube accounts. Although not linked, there were still some people that would google the same and stumble across my website. This multi-media approach is not only smart in order to reach the most people, but it actually acts as a safety net in case one or multiple of these channels get banned, removed, or the platform gets banned.

My strategy moving forward, if I were to continue to push this website out, would be to brand everything and have links to or cross-reference my platforms. Changing my gaming handle, my personal Instagram, etc. would spike searches and, in turn, grow all different platforms.

Social media is an undisputed champion in this era of the digital age. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook, with their massive user base and tons of different content (videos, images, gifs, etc.), mean huge reach, diversity of content, and a more personalized connection with our audience. What I have noticed is that even larger companies are trying to remove themselves from the professional and traditional companies with more casual and relatable content. This new generation seems to value authenticity and professionalism.

The obvious route is to go with video-based media, as platforms like TikTok (and YouTube shorts and Instagram) have shown the most growth and allow the most traction for users. I would continue to post content and, once in a while, refer to my website, offer exclusive content here, or simply have it linked in the description.

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