June 24, 2024

This week, we talked about Google Analytics. It’s a scary yet fascinating space around user data, and I asked myself how I could utilize this in my work and my personal projects.

Google Analytics offers up a bunch of information about the website and allows us to see the different patterns of people landing on our pages and gauging traffic. This information has been revealing. What I found most interesting is that the text “That Shrimpdude” accounts for the majority of my organic traffic. At first, this was most curious, but seeing as I still accumulate views and clicks with my TikTok and YouTube channels, it’s no wonder why there are sometimes spikes in searches as people may be looking for more content.

The marketing side of it also gave me a lot to consider, as I can see what is performing well and optimize trends, key words, etc. There is so much information that it’s actually quite overwhelming. I plan to take a Google Analytics certification, as I think it will not only help me in my career but also with my personal accounts that I plan to start up once I graduate.

As far as SEO on my website, there were a few things I did, like add key words and make sure navigation was as simple as possible. Although my template makes it difficult to change much else, the search function is a nice touch. Data is a scary thing as companies have access to so much of what we all see and talk about. Although it is convenient and helps us optimize and reach audiences, I still ponder the long-term negative consequences.

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