June 24, 2024

This week has not been as exciting as previous week but still quite the adventure. I found found myself on a freezing and windy Sunday, very different that my usual cozy Sunday routine – door-knocking and handing out pamphlets!

These pamphlets are the same pamphlets designed by me I touched on earlier this week. We met up at a coffee shop and our little team of volunteers showed up to get our there and start knocking.

I was positively surprised that most people were more than ready to talk, even on their weekend. Such a crazy amount of interesting personalities and diverse backgrounds! We had friendly immigrant from Chile to very sceptical residents who didn’t have an email, phone number or computer!

I can’t deny, the idea of walking up to total strangers homes and trying to run up conversations about a political candidate was not my ideal playground. But it was surprisingly pleasant, even those who didn’t align with our candidate’s views were polite and friendly. Honestly I just found that the connecting at a human level, hearing different stories, and getting closer to the community was pretty fun. I will definitely being doing this again the following weeks if I am not busy. We also ended up informing a ton of people who weren’t aware that there has been an election called provincially for members of the legislative assembly within B.C.

Just as we were wrapping up we grabbed A steaming cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun. Totally worth the few hours in the cold.

Hope all of you found at least something in this blog interesting, until next time, stay warm and keep connecting!

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