June 24, 2024

Hey everyone! I thought I would start this week by sharing my Chinese New Year gala experience. The gala right outside downtown Vancouver was a much larger affair than I was expecting. The place was full of community leaders, political figures, and prominent figures.

The premiere of B.C. David Eby was definitely a memorable experience. Although we do not align on policy or approach, it was still an interesting experience meeting him. He stood super tall—even taller than myself. With bodyguards around and the controversy surrounding his actions and support during COVID (as well as a multitude of other things), I personally don’t see eye to eye with him, but nonetheless, it was an experience.

I ended up mingling with current and running members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs). Being around governmental individuals dedicated to serving our community was honestly inspiring. My conversations were insightful, and I met some people I look forward to possibly working with.

I also spoke to a few Members of Parliament (MPs), including the Honourable Kerry Lynne Findlay, whom I had previously met. Overall, it was a very memorable experience, and I met so many prominent figures. I hope to learn from and work with them, especially around election time.

Table with 8 people in formal attire smiling, One person is dressed up in Chinese new year luck attire. red table with plates and cups

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