June 24, 2024

Hello everyone! This week is connected with my week 1 post where I connected with the guy who had a Fuji film camera. This week we’ve actually taken this connection to the next level.

After setting up an introduction for the Photographer-guy to my boss, things just seemed to click into place, especially with the timing as the day before was the launch of the new website. Not only did they both seem to agree on the steps forward to improve quality of photos, but we also managed to work out a mutually beneficial arrangement.

After a long talk and some initial photo examples, we arranged that he’ll help us take stunning, professional aquarium photos and videos for our company’s newly minted website. Given his talent, quality of work and reasonable prices, I’m more than confident that this will be a very mutually beneficial partnership.

As our discussion evolved, so did our collaboration ideas. We’re now considering expanding beyond still photography, venturing into video creation for our company website. We tried uploading a short small file video up on the product list as a test and it seemed to work wonders. Next step will be for me add watermarks to all the photos and improve website SEO.

This type of connections and collaborations help further maximize opportunity and value for myself but also for the company I work for. This small connection should help us stand out from other competitors by uncrossing online visibility, jazz up our brand image, and create an immersive user experience through video. Below is are the test photo and video already up on the site:

Video of Bamboo Shrimp
Photo of a Bamboo Shrimp, Close up photo of the head and front legs, fan like hands
Photo of Bamboo Shrimp

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