June 24, 2024

I decided to expand my LinkedIn connections as I am nearing graduation. My degree is quite broad, so by reaching out to people already in the workforce, I can get a better idea of what direction I might want to gravitate towards as well as any tips and tricks that might prove useful in the job search. I had a total of nine Zoom call meetings with complete strangers; here is how they went.

Starting off strong, from my chat with a marketing pro, I learned about the wonders of Shopify and discount codes in order to decipher where the online traffic comes from. We dug into the world of SEO, touching on backlinking and the ahref tracker tool. Other gems included the concept of split traffic on ads, utilizing blogs for SEO, and the value of diversifying team roles.

Next up, I had a conversation with a marketer who gave a fresh perspective on job hunting—you have to keep an eye on job applications and postings consistently. She also pointed out how design skills can be a handy addition to marketing.

An hour later, I had a talk with a marketing and branding expert who expanded on themes like trade shows and brand imaging. We also touched upon hybrid working models, the need for critical design feedback, and working with software like Excel, InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Then, a call was made with a communications officer and a digital marketing coordinator, who explained the significance of having a robust portfolio, authenticity, and creativity. We discussed the idea of starting with meme pages, leading to branding and B2B marketing!

I also lined up a call from a non-profit digital marketer or coordinator who actually referred to me in a previous call. Her key takeaway is that volunteering could be a significant first step into that world. Also, it got me considering a project management certification, as she spoke very highly of it.

Lastly, a run-in with a real estate expert highlighted the importance of refining writing skills and keeping an eye on upward mobility. We discussed how skills like content creation are critical and also discussed the art of navigating job postings, especially for new graduates.

Loads learned from these conversations and has somewhat further narrowed my focus on the future job hunt, as well as made some valuable connections I intend to expand on.

1 thought on “Week 2: Linkedin Connections

  1. Consider the Entrepreneurship diploma from the Chang Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. It is a great value add to any degree (project management is part of it).

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