June 24, 2024

As promised here is next weeks post! The wheels of progress for the huge campaign is finally in motion. The most significant development is actually a rough plan of how and when everything is going to be executed, we have budgets and timelines all set. An extensive AD/SEO campaign will start in about two weeks with the help of a connection that i’ve made the next few weeks. The goal is to create a huge influx of customers and supporters from all of our platforms via organic and paid streams. I will be managing ad campaigns that will be pushed on Facebook, Instagram and Google, I will be managing all social media postings including continuation of posts for the following weeks, a 30 day reel/shorts campaign to boost organic engagement, as well as events/giveaways to try and drive interactions.

The strategy of going big along side the website launch also extends to expanding our reach through Google and YouTube. The intention is to leverage these platforms to keep a steady stream of engaging content to keep old and new audiences.

This as well as the release of a small newsletters this April every other week to ensure we are firing across messages and getting everyone on the email list interested. This isn’t just an ordinary update. It is stressful and will be a highly organized machines. It is only in the initial planning phases but will really be difficult to execute perfectly.

The exciting contest will be a giveaway event. Though it is not a huge deal in terms of monetary value it will be easy to apply for. The intention is to create a buzz that engages, excites and gives back to our dedicated followers.

I also have a special promotion in store and ready lined up for next week but I am unable to share that due to its sensitive nature (and unfair advantage just in case anyone is following along)

In a nutshell, a very chaotic but full of potential campaign that I am very excited to finally run.

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