June 24, 2024

This week at work has been very busy! Remember the photographer guy—the incredibly talented videographer—that I talked about earlier in this series? If you haven’t caught up on that, I highly recommend going back to weeks one and two for a refresher. He has become a huge helping hand when we need stunning photos and videos for our store’s website. With his artistic vision (and better camera equipment) and me handling its SEO and uploads, we are now working far more efficiently to help create the best possible content for the local fish store.

Recently, my boss spoke about creating a distinct video that offers information about the store, its future, and the staff. A vlog-style walkthrough of the store, narrated by the boss and showcasing the unique and crazy store it has now become. This will become an introduction to the website as well as be on the home page of our YouTube channel.

In regards to the other videos, because I have a trip planned later this year after my classes, the need for videos to be shot and lined up is vital. There are only a few weeks left before a huge AD/SEO campaign will start, so I need to get videos filmed, edited, and scheduled for the 3–4 week in April. I have one already filmed and edited, but nothing in regards to the rest of the weeks. Hopefully this video with the photographer-guy works out, as that can count as one of my videos and will save me lots of time if he is able to edit and manage the post of that video.

I have also lined up some of the reels that will be used in this campaign, which I will talk about in the next blog post. But for now, I will leave you with that, and hopefully I won’t be overwhelmed with work.

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