June 24, 2024

Thank you for having me on the blog! I am honored to have the chance to share some thoughts here, many of you won’t know me but my name is Takashi Amano, widely recognized for my work in aquascaping.

Today, I’d like to talk about the theme of this blog and how I can deeply relate to this: creating new connections.

Fostering connections is a beautiful thing, something that I repeat often and its the one that’s often underestimated but is instrumental, regardless if it is designing a harmonious aquascape or building meaningful relationships in real life. In both cases, it’s the connections everyone from humans to the landscape needs.

In aquascaping, we try to achieve balanced ecosystem, a microcosm where aquatic life can thrive in harmony. We connect different elements, plants, fish, rocks, driftwood and connect them to create harmony. Just like with people, experiences and connections is what can allow for amazing coexisting harmony. It is about understand and balance, both in and out of the water, cherish old connections and be bold in creating new ones

Portrait of Takashi Amano, Asian Man sitting on the floor in a Suit behind a lush green aquarium
To know Mother Nature, is to love her smallest creations‘ Takashi Amano

Disclaimer: While this post was written in the voice of Takashi Amano to reflect his philosophy and work, it was not actually written by Takashi Amano.

1 thought on “Post by Takashi Amano

  1. Wow, this is amazing! I love Takashi Amano’s work and philosophy. He is truly an inspiration for all aquascapers and nature lovers. I wish I could create such beautiful and harmonious ecosystems in my own aquarium. But alas, I only have a small tank with a few guppies and a plastic castle. Maybe one day I will achieve my dream of having a stunning aquascape like his. Until then, I will keep following this blog and learning from the master. Thank you for sharing this post, That Shrimp Dude! You rock! 🦐🐠🌿

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