June 24, 2024

Today, I am doing a peer review for the website belonging to: parsanejati.com.

When landing on the home page, it is clear that this is a personal blog post that is just giving a personal opinion on the topic. It is not immediately clear what the topic is, but through its simplicity and minimalist design, it’s very inviting and not overwhelming. The muted colour scheme complements this well, making it appealing to look at at any time of the day in any mood as well. The very clean, well-sectioned layout enhances the navigation, making it easy and clear where a user should go. I really found simplicity to be one of its strongest suits. With so many overcrowded and confusing website designs, it’s perfect to allow users to focus on one thing at a time.

I loved the icon of a terminator; it was funny, unserious, and overall just a nice little touch to have on the website.

The content is straight to the point and delivers value to the reader immediately without having to read through a lot of fluff. Each post is so well organized and easy to follow. The images and videos are also easy to look at and pop out from the text, making the whole experience quite balanced. The clear path along the story of each review also makes sense, and the pace at which the reader can continue is simple and straightforward.

One thing, however, I would have liked to see is that the website immediately communicates its purpose. For someone stumbling onto the site or being forwarded it, I want to know exactly what to expect, even if it is blatantly written in text. On the first visit, the site’s theme or purpose isn’t entirely clear. A brief, engaging website introduction might tackle this issue with a simple sentence or two (an image or video would be a bonus), providing first-time visitors with an immediate understanding of what your website offers. Keeping with the simple design, maybe adding some video game theme colours, animations, or icons might also help pop and make the site’s intentions clear.

Another area that is not make it or break it, but depending on the direction you want to take, can be changed. The website space on the right side is uneven and does lend itself to being filled with advertisements, or like the previously aforementioned website introduction (or maybe a photo of yourself). Advertising can not only monetize the site but also provide visitors with additional relevant content in the form of games you recommend, like affiliate marketing.

Parsa's Website with simple grey and blue layout. Blog post 8 on a review of the game "the forest"

In conclusion, the website looks amazing with its minimalistic design, clearly labelled sections, good content, easyto-ffollow navigation, and accessibility. However, defining the website’s purpose upfront and better utilizing empty space are opportunities for optimization. Overall, amazing work, and honestly, it has huge potential.

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