June 24, 2024

Today, I am doing a peer review for the website belonging to: Florajiali.com

Upon landing on the website, one is greeted with a professional, clean, purple, and minimalist aesthetic. The website design is a blend of purple and visual balance, which immediately sets a relaxing tone and creates a friendly environment. A personal touch that I really enjoy is the hand-drawn logo. It’s simple, fits with the themes in terms of colour and personal touch, and overall, it’s just a nice extra touch.

Flora’s online portfolio appears to be an easy-to-follow and aesthetically appealing look at K-pop groups and songs. The website is easy to navigate and has a nice feel to it; each of the pages looks amazing and really does have its own feel where each review just pops up (just like the little bubbles). Really nice and vivid images and descriptions.

A commendable feature of the site is that it has all the accessibility features as well as all the social media links. This transparency in her portfolio gives us a strong understanding of her passion, skills, and nice personal touch. I’m not sure if this is possible, but if you could add previews or maybe a page showcasing some of the videos or songs, I think that would add an extra dimension and further help with SEO.

The brief introductory area on the landing page is amazing and gives the audience a quick look at what we can expect, so very well done. Your about me page is really nice and simple, telling us what interests her, about her, etc. The Spotify playlist is a really nice touch to drive traffic to other platforms. This is amazing for SEO, and paired with alt texts in images, it will help drive traffic and also help with accessibility.

In terms of navigation, the website is super user-friendly, with a simplistically designed header containing links to different categories that fits with the overall theme.

As for improvements, I would prefer if the blog and process posts were on different pages, as it may be slightly annoying if I were navigating just to look at the reviews.

In conclusion, Florajiali.com is a thoughtfully and artistically designed website that showcases Flora’s thoughts on the K-pop world as well as directs people to her other platforms. I don’t have anything to criticize and only a few changes that would push the website above and beyond. With only a minor change to separate the posts, this site should engage any K-pop fan. Great job Flora and I wish you the best of luck building an audience and propelling yourself and the website into the eyes of the K-pop community!

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