June 24, 2024

Today, I’m to conduct a constructive peer review for a site belonging to one of my peers: ashleybookshelf.comĀ 

Upon visiting the website, the first thing to note is that it’s still in its very early stages. The standard template and default layout/text do not provide me with a lot to go off of. While this poses a bit of a challenge for a comprehensive review, it does provide an opportunity to give some helpful pointers for future development.

One of the primary aspects to consider as Ashley develops the website is the creation of her online self, where she should combine elements of both personal and professional identity. This website should reflect Ashley’s personality and interests, and I can only assume by the name of the books or genres she is interested in.

Given that the website is named ‘Ashley’s Bookshelf’, it’s safe to presume that books and literature might be a key theme. This could be a great starting point to develop and explain her online self. She can share her book recommendations, reviews, thoughts, and critiques. She could also do some of her own writing, which could not only showcase her personal interests but also highlight her skills, which she could later showcase when applying for jobs or peaking others interests.

In terms of design, there is limitless possibility, but it should align with the overall theme and purpose of the site. Since the focus appears to be on books, a design that feels like a cozy reading corner is needed for a more personal and relatable feel. Or maybe a more sophisticated library could potentially enhance the visitor’s experience. I think the best thing to focus on at this point is getting some posts done and getting rid of the default texts. I would also recommend that the design stay clean and user-friendly.

In terms of navigation, a cool addition to the website would be to have the menu and buttons be cook-related with cool icons and art. I also think that, stylistically, if all the posts and process posts could be formed like a book, it would give it a unique feel. Lastly, I think having the main navigation page designed to look like the table of contents would be simple enough but give it a unique flare.

In conclusion, even though Ashleybookshelf.com works, it has yet to take shape. I’m really looking forward to seeing the transformation with such an interesting topic. With the right blend of personal touch and engaging content, I am sure Ashley will create an impressive online presence. Best of luck to Ashley on this exciting digital journey!

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