June 24, 2024

About me

Hello Reader! My name is Nick and welcome to my blog! This website has been created as part of a course ‘publication of the self’ in our everyday life.

A little about myself, when I’m not in school, you’ll typically find me outdoors, indulging in a variety of physical activities like swimming, running, biking, and camping. I’m a strong believer in maintaining a balanced lifestyle, and physical fitness plays an integral part in that.

With that that said, I’m also an avid reader/audio book listener. From philosophy, compelling historical accounts, self improvement books to sci-fi adventures, you’ll find a diverse range of genres on my bookshelf.

I find interest in European history, particularly World War II. It’s intriguing how the echoes of the past continue to shape our present and future. Additionally, with my swimming background I also have an interest in marine biology and fish keeping. The more I learn about our bodies of water and the organisms that inhabit them, the more I appreciate the delicate balance that sustains our planet.

Through this blog, I’m looking forward to sharing my perspective, experiences, and what I’m learning in this course.

Stay tuned in to this space to witness my journey, my notes on various topics that we’ll study, and we can learn something together.

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